A reasonable approach to check a psychological test´s long ago standardization

Due to the DIN33430, a psychological test´s standardization must be verified every eight years. However, in particular for tests that are to be individually administered, standardization means a vast and very expensive undertaking. Therefore, sampling new data only for checking a psychological test´s long ago standardization is to be minimized or preferably avoided. Klaus D. Kubinger and Thomas Suster (University Vienna) therefore suggest (in Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling) „to use data of case reports from pertinent institutions instead. It is outlined that this approach is not only economical but also very reliable – although such data is most likely not representative with regard to the population in question:

By this means easily not only a single  but rather several surveys are possible within the time-line from the original standardization data sampling to the actual point in time; they disclose whether some linear or at least some monotonically decreasing or increasing progression of the mean of test-scores occurs or just random fluctuations of the test-score level take place. Even if the results force the revision of the test´s standardization, this approach is probably of further use; regression analysis could lead to a predicted value of the test-score´s mean and standard deviation in the next calendar year(s), which can be the basis for a re-standardization.“ The authors illustrate the suitability of the current suggested approach through an example that concerns a single subtest of the intelligence test-battery „Adaptive Intelligence Diagnosticum“ (AID3; Kubinger & Holocher-Ertl, 2014)

Klaus D. Kubinger, Thomas Suster
A reasonable approach to check a psychological test´s long ago standardization – applied for the Adaptive Intelligence Diagnosticum (AID3).
In: Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling 2023-2
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